Time to shake things up!


Sooo friends, companions, amigos, señiors and señioritas! Jay has just got back from a crazy month in China. Just the usual travel you would expect, pig’s brain, hospital admittance, and ice tobogganing indoors. But those tales are for another time and age, to be whispered furtively round a camp fire under the stars!

It wouldn’t be a Jays Inks trip of course without returning older, wiser, battle scarred and ready for change and excitement.

The studio is undergoing a metamorphosis and shall emerge from its chrysalis shiny and virginal! We need your youthful exuberance to enter and debauch the space. The upstairs rooms are being transformed, sculpted if you will, into the new tattoo and piercing areas with a unique photography booth set up to capture the transmogrification that has taken place! Unique, fresh and visually stunning images will be created but with little time and hassle as the lights and set up will be in place constantly ready for fresh and healed tattoos.

The down stairs is becoming a social hack space. Pool tournaments, poker games, coffee bar, movie nights, gaming sessions the options and endless! And this can be your chance to get involved! TELL US WHAT YOU WANT! We want to know you want to do. We want our studio to be more than a studio. We want you to enjoy your day and make it an experience when you come here. We do what we do to see the amazing life changing effect it can have on people. To help capture an emotion, a memory, a moment, and save it for the rest of life. Every piece of ink we do holds special meaning to you and we feel honoured to be a part of that journey. Laughter, tears, pride, sorrow and reminiscence is what we ink. You have shared your lives with us and now we want to share some of ours with you.

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