Final Day – Zurich!

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I’m surprised to see Dan already up and about this morning. I’m even more surprised that he is pissing himself laughing, “what’s up?” I ask. Between breaths he informs me my first words when i woke up were “Dalton’s the best!” I’m not sure i believe him but with how much he’s laughing it could be true.

We meet up with Jay, grab a quick coffee and some breakfast and have a bit of time to kill before we can get in to the hall. Jay suggests Mac Donalds, we both look at him incredulously. “We just ate!” Dan says astounded. “I’m hungry.” Jay frowns and sets off walking. Dan and I exchange resigned looks at set off to follow, once Jay has an idea, that is that, and nothing else is important until that idea has been satiated.

We are the first in to the hall which is good because i need to print off the design for the final stage of the tattoo. The only issue is that the printer is entirely in German. There is quite a queue starting to form behind me as i get more and more flustered until finally a sweet nearly 7 foot burly biker kindly helps me work it out. After it is printed, and this is no word of a lie, he actually turns to the crowd of other assistants who have been rather impatient, wags his finger and tuts at them… Weirdest sight i have ever seen.

Jay rocks up to find his entire station set up and ready to go, swear down i think that i saw tears in his eyes. After an 8 and half hour first session, a 13 hour session yesterday we crack through this piece by 3:15 and can chill! Dan goes off to queue up for his spot on stage for the competitions.


I have a good giggle as he stands on the chair so that the judges can inspect his piece and he wobbles and almost falls off! Jay swans off for lunch leaving me to man the stand. Sods law that it is at this point that a reporter rocks up to interview Jay, i try to explain to him in German that I am not Jay, nor am I a tattooer. Sadly neither of these bits of information seem to get through and he launches ahead with the interview regardless asking me questions with staggered English. Well it should be an entertaining watch for what ever channel and show it will be shown on.

There was some more rap on stage and a Japanese artistic dance piece which I’m sorry to say was completely lost on me and for some reason, not entirely sure why, a group of star wars cosplayers.

We sadly did not win anything this time, but we had an amazing time, met some new artists and cracking people, had a chance to nip round the shopping stands which were awesome.


Turns out there was no after party on the Sunday and that we had actually missed it on the Saturday night, but we had all Monday and Tuesday before we had to go home. So we checked out the city to see what Zurich had to offer. We took a boat trip, saw some cool shops, a Chinese garden, and a long, long, long walk into the hills, for no reason, carrying luggage, in crocs because Jay wanted to see what was around the corner…

It has been a blast and an eye opening experience for me and Dan as our first convention. Look forward to the next one. Until then, Take it sleazy 😉 Peace.

Oh… as it turns out that on returning home we realise that no-one has actually written down the parking location. Not necessarily what you want at 2 AM with a 4 hour drive ahead of you. But i did find it hilarious to watch Dan and Jay wander aimlessly in different directions. Yes, i could have helped them look…But it was much more fun this way!

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