First day of the convention – Zurich

It’s an early start on the first day of the convention, except for Jay, we try calling a couple of times and eventually give up and just walk down to his room. Jay answers the door, “Just got a grab a quick shower,” he says. We leave him to it and dig in to breakfast, prices are well high out here so it is a glorious breakfast of cornflakes out of the hotel room glasses using tea spoons. Fucking high rollers that we are!

We head down to set up the convention hall and are some of the first ones there, Dan is starting to look a little green around the gills when he realises that he is going to be lying on a hard wood table all day long.

So, it is during the set up that we suddenly realise that Jay has managed to forget the ink… It’s ok, not that important an item to leave behind after all! I head downstairs to the two ink stands and discover that they have the entire spectrum of colours by eternal ink except for Dynamic black. The only one we really need for a black and grey tattoo.


I walk round every stall at the convention and in a mixture of English, German and French I find one stall and one stall only that happens to be using the correct that we need. They don’t have much but give us enough to at least get started and possibly get through the first day at least of the convention.

This could be going better as a start to the event but hey ho, what else could go wrong after this start… Well in answer to that question, Jay manages to spill most of the very small amount of ink that we actually have. This could be a real disaster until we spot a lifeline, the stand opposite us have another artist who has arrived late, and as he pulls his inks out we realise that he has some of the sacred Dynamic black ink!!!

After a multi-language conversation, a lot of pointing and then some intervention from some other vendors gives us some ink and practically an entire bottle at that, enough to do us for over a week! What a legend! We honestly cannot thank the guys at ‘Skullz Tattoos’ from Wettingen enough, as without that we basically would have been fucked!

Dan chills out watching the entire first season of ‘Breaking Bad’ without so much as a whimper, I decide to make myself useful at this point and go to watch the queens of last years event on stage… It’s a hard life sometimes.

The tattoo celebrity ‘Magneto’ is walking around taking photographs and signing signatures, there are a couple of rappers on stage. The event is getting really busy and the vibe is good. Artists from previous events are meeting up again for the first time in years sometimes. Tommy Gun from ‘Luctor et Victor’ who we haven’t seen since Berlin last year swings by for a chat, proper top bloke. Some really tough competition is here, I have a quick look around and meet some new artists. Laura Meyer from Germany, Olivia Ahonen from Finland, who will hopefully be dropping by the studio later this year.

The tiredness is starting to set in at 11PM when the hall clears out and even more so by about midnight when most the artists have left. We keep going till just gone 1AM, Dan limps off the table and almost collapses, we do a quick clean up and hit the hay. I didn’t even manage to undress this time and wake up about half four and have to clear off the bed and slip my shoes off. Dan is completely sparko with his cling filmed leg dangling out the bed, he is muttering in his sleep about light bulbs. I consider filming it for a laugh but am too tired to even contemplate it.

I head to close the window as our room is directly above the outside drinking area and the party is still in full swing. What a day! Can’t wait for the next one!

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