Ink Days Zurich (part 2)

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After a bit of a chill sesh in the hotel room we set out to conquer Switzerland…

We almost get down to the hotel lobby before we have to turn back because Jay has forgotten his phone. This leads us to a slight detour of a search for the hotel gym. We open the door and find ourselves in a long plain ugly corridor, rather at odds to the beauty of the rest of the hotel. “Come on we’ll just have a quick look,” Jay states. The corridor turns a corner to another long corridor. After 5 minutes of corridors and going up and down various staircases we finally enter the gym having lost Dan along the way.

We have a quick look round, find Dan and head out into the local shopping mall next to the hotel. Dan and Jay cry a bit inside, at the prices in the supermarkets, and I smile that my costs are covered as a perk of the job. Looks like we will be eating very little this trip. We have a mega busy day tomorrow so after the worlds most expensive chicken breast we call it a day. Dan takes the key and heads off to the room, I stop by the front desk with Jay to get the internet code then we take the lift to the third floor to check out the convention room. Set up is in full swing and we meet the organisers and find out the times we can get going tomorrow, lovely bunch of guys and it seems to be a well organised event so we leave feeling pretty confident.

Jay heads down a floor to his rooms and i get in the lift to go up, I realise straight away that i can’t go up as Dan has the key and the lift won’t work. Balls!

I exit the lift and search for the stairs to go up to the fourth floor, they seem to stop at the third floor. Weird… I figure that their must be a fire exit and the other end of the hotel or something…. There is but it only goes downwards… I try a staff door in case that heads up but instead i end up in the cleaning room, i think ‘Fuck it!’ and walk through the room and out the other side and end up on the roof looking over the main courtyard. Pretty sure that I’m not meant to be up here.

I head back down to reception and get a second key card sorted, head up and finally crawl into the room. It’s only 6PM Swiss time but it is 7PM for us and we have been up since midnight. Dan and I put a film on and five minutes later that is it. Gone. It has been a long old day and tomorrow will be even more so.

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