And so the convention prep has started in earnest! Anyone who has been to the studio before would barely recognise us now, we have completely changed the layout, wall art, furniture and soon will be redecorating the entire interior too. We have decided to go for a traditional/industrial feel to the place.

Zurich is the first of the many conventions this year, really excited to be taking a good friend and loyal customer to the beautiful swiss air, maybe fit in a quick hike up the alps whilst we’re there. Not telling you what I’m inking, you’ll just have to wait 😉

Our new PA, Ben Barczak is really chuffed to have a stunning antique writing bureau to use as his work station. You will never see anyone get as excited as Ben when he was working out which order to store his pens in. Party animal that he is!

Booking day went smoother than ever this year thanks to the hard work of all the studio, was really great to see old customers and catch up and then to meet some new people. Always dig the energy that flies around on booking day with crazy ideas just exploding from every corner of the studio!

What else has been happening?????

It was Ben’s little lads 6th birthday earlier this month and our artist Chelsea gave him a cracking little picachu kids “tattoo”. He was ever so chuffed, Chelsea had the station set up as though a real tattoo was about to happen, sprayed and put carbon outline on and everything. He was beaming all the way through and hasn’t stopped bragging since. Think chelsea has a friend for life now.

Well that’s it for now but will keep you updated as we have a lot on this month still to come. Jay is off to the Ukraine to have his back worked on some more, the studio is going to have a make over and then Zurich so watch this space, and get in touch with any questions you have tattoo related or otherwise. We love to hear from you!

You stay classy.

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