Build up to conventions

So convention season is almost upon us and the build up is invigorting!

First convention of the year is Zurich, got a few ideas of what I want to do to enter in for the competition, should be an amazing convention this year, the place is fully booked up with some amazing artist to compete against Alexander Paschkov, Alexandr O’Kharin and Charles Huurman to name but a few. Entertainment looks insane! Chris Bohm on BMX and Dirty Hands breakdancing means a really good show for everyone involved.

The contests are best of the day, best of colour, best of black and white and best of the show, huge competition at this event so the pressure is on!


Not long after Jay is back from Zurich then he is heading back out to Frankfurt at the end April, Luxembourg and Amsterdam in May, then the whole studio is attending Transylvania in July! Should be an amazing adventure for Jays Inks as it will be Chelsea and Nicki’s first ever convention and what better place to do it than the birth place of the gothic legend of DRACULA!

Jay will be doing a very fitting vampire based design leg piece for that event and we will be taking a trip to see Vlad’s castle for a tour! The gothic party after the convention will be like nothing else you have seen, wonder who we will bump into whilst partying? Come along if you can as it is set to be a convention you will not forget!

But don’t worry if you can’t make it as our very own PA and soon to be documentary maker Ben Barczak will be filming every step of the way for our You Tube channel!

Stay tuned and take it easy 👻💀

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